Smart Energy Management

With Smart Energy Management, we are able to assist landlords, developers and architects to unlock the full potential of their properties while saving costs on electricity and water consumption.

This process involves understanding how and when electricity or water is being consumed.

How to Get Started

Energyworx is able to do this following these basic steps:

  • Analysing Historical Utility Expenditure
  • Installing Smart Meter Devices
  • Identifying Energy-Saving Opportunities
  • Implementing Optimisation Strategies
  • Tracking & Monitoring Energy Savings

Energyworx supplies, installs, operates and maintains all infrastructure for an agreed upon monthly fee.

Our Services

Our Smart Energy Management Solutions are made possible through a range of holistic energy management solutions.

Smart Metering

Our smart meter technology is the backbone of our energy management plans. The smart meters are installed to collect and analyse consumption data which allows Energyworx to devise and implement correcting energy programs.

Green Energy Trading

Companies aiming to reduce their carbon footprint can partner with Energyworx to purchase green energy through medium-term PPAs.

Power Purchasing Agreements

PPAs allow companies long-term access to renewable energy solutions without committing to capital expenditure allowing clients to purchase the green power without having to purchase the entire system.

Energy Analysis

Through comprehensive energy analysis, informed decision-making and energy management strategies, Energyworx is able to provide regular savings reports to the client.

Equipment Retrofits

Energyworx identifies energy saving opportunities which require the need for equipment upgrades. By working with trustworthy brands, we are able to implement solutions that match the client’s unique requirements.

After retrofits are completed, we monitor consumption patterns to prove the savings case.

Renewable Energy Solutions

Our established relationship with renewable energy solution providers, allows us to provide advanced alternative energy options to our clients on a per project basis or through a PPA.

Financing Solutions

Energworx is able to provide information to reduce risk and provide confidence to financial institutions when applying for financial backing.