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Providing smart solutions and expert energy advice to the SADC and East African Markets.


Professional, impartial, independent advice and services for clients committed to the sustainable development of people, planet and profit.
Service offerings modeled on real-world energy requirements, leveraging inefficiencies of the past to fund a resource efficient future.
Combined experience of senior energy specialists with years of experience in
holistic energy management strategy.

What our clients saved

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Global Networking

Energyworx are continually developing international networks to assist in bringing contemporary first world technology and solutions to our clients.
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Intelligent Solutions


We design and implement energy solutions that create value, protect the environment and enhance communities. The energy consumption data that we collect enables us to develop viable energy solutions.
As clients' representative, we lead our clients through the fast changing world of energy by developing and implementing tailor-made energy projects.
We give our clients a competitive operating advantage. Energyworx has successfully reduced our clients' energy costs, despite annual utility energy cost increases.
Performance contracting reduces both the financial and performance risk to our clients, where the savings achieved fund interventions further up the value chain.
Our track record of success gives investors confidence to develop the recommended energy projects.


Energy Management

The process of understanding & optimising 'when & how' energy is consumed.

We do this by:


  • Energy data collection through smart metering

  • Identifying energy-saving opportunities

  • Implementing the identified opportunities

  • Tracking performance progress of the energy-saving opportunities


Energy Management by Energyworx SA
Energyworx South Africa Energy Management Cycle
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Energyworx offer a comprehensive range of holistic energy management solutions that include the following:


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Energyworx's clients range from multinational franchise groups, retail outlets, leisure and tourism venues and manufacturing sites, to education facilities and SMEs across various industries.

Our experience allows us to provide the best available solution to our individual clients. Centred on excellent customer service, Energyworx is proud to have grown entirely on reputation and positive customer referrals. Gaining the trust of our clients is paramount to our success.


Strategic Partnerships


Energyworx has developed strategic partnerships with compatible companies, creating symbiotic mutually beneficial relationships that focus on a sustainable shared economy.

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