About Energyworx

Manage your Energy the smart way with Energyworx.

Energyworx is a leading Energy Services Company providing expert energy advice to the SADC and East African markets.

By investing in innovative, sustainable energy we are able to assist landlords, developers and architects to unlock the full potential of their properties while saving cost on electricity and water consumption.

This is made possible by working closely with landlords to develop and manage the property’s utility portfolio and by modelling our service on each client’s unique requirements.

The Opportunity

During the development stages of a project, landlords often face cost overruns and are forced to rely on third parties to manage the internal utilities of their property while facing the unreliability and increasing cost of utilities.

By partnering with Energyworx landlords can expect the following:

  • Smart Metering for Electricity and Water
  • Energy and Water Management
  • Energy and Water Efficiency Programs
  • Renewable Energy Alternatives
  • Independence from Power Outages

Energyworx supplies, installs, operates and maintains all infrastructure for an agreed upon monthly fee.

Our Services

Energyworx has a strong successful track record in providing the below services to clients across industries allowing us to gain a wealth of knowledge in the provision of sustainable energy solutions.

  • Smart Metering
  • Green Energy Trading
  • Power Purchase Agreements
  • Energy Analysis
  • Equipment Retrofits
  • Renewable Energy Solutions
  • Financing Solutions