Getting Started

Want to reduce your energy consumption while saving money?

Energyworx offers numerous energy-saving solutions to help SMMEs, developers, architects and landlords to cut down on profit-consuming electricity and water consumption costs so that more money can be invested into growth and expansion.

Our cost-saving smart metering technology enables us to analyse current consumption data and use this information to identify and implement energy-saving opportunities and then track the performance of these upgrades in order to demonstrate real-time cost savings in action.

Our strategic energy-saving plan guarantees increased efficiency over time by simply answering when and how energy is consumed over a specific period of time.

Energyworx is able to do this by following these basic steps:

Analysing Historical Utility Expenditure

Before smart meters are installed on the property, our team will evaluate the current consumption expenditure to compare with the data collected by the smart meter devices.

Installing Smart Meter Devices

After conducting preliminary assessments, we will install the smart meter devices which will track the electricity and water consumption on the property.

Identifying Energy-Saving Opportunities

The data collected by the smart meters will then be analysed to identify energy-saving or consumption reduction opportunities either through the implementation of renewable energy solutions, upgraded equipment or procedural changes depending on the unique requirements of the client.

Implementing Optimisation Strategies

The energy-saving and consumption reducing strategy will then be carried out according to the plan determined from the preliminary data collected by the smart energy devices.

Tracking & Monitoring Energy Savings

After installation and upgrades have been completed, the smart metering devices will be used to continually track and monitor the energy saving and consumption reduction to show how much money is being saved.

As time passes, the efficiency of the systems in place will increase until the property reaches the potential for self-generation through complete energy independence.