SalTuba Renewable Energy Project

Energyworx has acted as the client representative to the SalTuba Cooperative for this social development project offering time and expertise to the successful implementation of this ground-breaking project for the KwaZakhele community.

In doing so, Energyworx has been able to assist the Cooperative in establishing their company with the CIPC, banking as well as developing the project alongside the SalTube Cooperative.

The Goal

The Gap Tap project is considered a pilot project for Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality (NMBM) to develop the ‘wheeling’ of renewable energy policy in local communities. With the successful implementation of this project, SalTuba would generate renewable energy at their site and sell the electricity to a client located in the Metropolitan.

NMBM would generate income through the facilitation of the transaction by means of the electrical grid.

How This Was Achieved

The pilot project included the construction of the 5kWp PV plant that was then connected to the municipal grid in January 2020.

Project Outcomes

The success of this project will pave the way for expansion of the PV plan to provide higher income opportunity for the SalTube Cooperative. In addition to this success, the community has been taught a great deal about renewable energy and how other cooperatives can follow suit to generate their own income through renewable energy projects.