SUPERSPAR Ngqeleni LED Lighting Upgrade

This LED lighting upgrade was completed for SUPERSPAR Ngqeleni on a no-cost, Shared Savings Energy Performance Contract. This means that the energy savings earnings were shared between the client and Energyworx.

The Goal

The aim of the project was to improve the lighting LUX levels in the store while reducing the energy consumed by lighting. This was to be done over a 5-year period at no cost to the client with Energyworx invoicing the client for a portion of the saved amount.

How This Was Achieved

Smart meter readings were taken to establish a baseline of energy consumption in the supermarket before any interventions were put into place. These readings were then analysed to determine a consumption profile from which a lighting upgrade was planned.

After upgrades were installed, the new LUX energy level readings were taken and smart meter readings were collated to determine the total savings value before and after intervention.

Project Outcomes

The client was presented with a 5-year guarantee for the lighting upgrades completed as well as a Certificate of Compliance for having the installation. The client was also provided with the before and after LUX readings for the entire store as well as a Commissioning Certificate.

The project helped to achieve the following results:

  • 67% energy reduction
  • 65% average LUX improvement