SUPERSPAR Gonubie LED Lighting Upgrade

This LED lighting upgrade was carried out on behalf of SUPERSPAR Gonubie on a no-cost, Shared Savings Energy Performance Contract. The basis of this contract implies that the client did not have to cover initial costs but were required to pay Energyworx a portion of the energy savings after the upgrades were implemented.

The Goal

The goal of this undertaking was to improve the lighting LUX levels in the store while cutting down on the energy costs of the supermarket. This was to be done over a 5-year period at no cost to the client.

How This Was Achieved

Before the project commenced, smart meters were installed so that a baseline of current energy consumption in the store could be determined. These readings were then taken and analysed to develop a consumption profile, and with this, a lighting upgrade plan was implemented.

Once all upgrades and replacements were made, the new LUX energy levels were taken with the smart meter system and compiled to show the total savings when compared to the historical data.

Project Outcomes

The client was presented with a 5-year guarantee for the lighting upgrades completed as well as a Certificate of Compliance for having the installation. The client was also provided with the before and after LUX readings for the entire store as well as a Commissioning Certificate.

The project helped to achieve the following results:

  • 64% energy reduction
  • 70% average LUX improvement