SUPERSPAR Acres LED Lighting Upgrade

This lighting upgrade completed for SUPERSPAR Acres was a turnkey project made possible by signing a Power Purchase Agreement with PowerX in July 2014. This partnership enabled the supermarket to drastically cut down on power consumption while dramatically reducing their carbon footprint.

The project enabled SUPERSPAR Acres to receive up to an average of 1 000 00 kWh of green power annually.

The Goal

Energyworx was approached to implement a solution to improve the lighting LUX levels in the supermarket while also developing a plan to reduce the energy consumption levels from the lighting in the store.

How This Was Achieved

The above energy savings were achieved through the use of a smart metering system. Smart meters help Energyworx to establish an energy consumption baseline from which a consumption profile and lighting upgrade plan can be derived.

Post upgrade installation, we were able to take new readings using the same smart metering system to collect comparative data. This data revealed the total cost savings after the upgrades were installed.

Project Outcomes

The client was presented with a 5-year guarantee for the lighting upgrades completed as well as a Certificate of Compliance for having the installation. The client was also provided with the before and after LUX readings for the entire store as well as a Commissioning Certificate.

The project helped to achieve the following results:

  • 54% energy reduction
  • 74% average LUX improvement