Strategic Partnerships

Energyworx has developed strategic partnerships with other companies, creating symbiotic, mutually beneficial relationships that focus on a sustainable, shared economy.

Integrated Data Management is a SANAS-accredited measurement and verification company which provides independent M&V for all performance contracts signed between Energyworx and its clients. This is to provide third party review of the projects, making sure such projects achieve the set deliverables.


Africoast Energy is one of the top energy project development and management companies in southern Africa, specialising in the complex regulatory environment. Africoast Energy has expanded into the SADC region and is consulting on early project initiation, development, financing and management.


PowerX. The only NERSA-approved renewable energy trading licence holder in SA, PowerX has been supplying renewable energy to customers for the past 5 years. As the only independent agent for PowerX, Energyworx has been offering renewable energy at a discounted rate to its clients.


Republic Metering. One of the leading smart meter solution providers in South Africa, Republic Metering is the official agent for Elster meters in the Southern Cape Region. Republic Metering provides reliable metering solutions for both electricity and water.


Rubicon SA. The premier electrical and renewable energy product supplier in South Africa. A company with over 30 years’ experience in supplying quality electrical components, Rubicon has positioned itself as a supplier for the renewable energy market, supplying quality components such as tier 1 solar PV panels, SolarEdge inverter technology & Tesla energy storage systems.


SolarCool. An exciting technology addressing an important issue. SolarCool technology targets energy efficiency in HVAC and refrigeration systems, for energy reduction and the management of energy and maintenance costs. The system injects heat into the cooling cycle, reducing the load required to operate the HVACR systems.


Emergent Energy. One of the top renewable energy EPCs in South Africa, Emergent Energy’s Business Development Partnership has involved Energyworx in the development of the PV rooftop rental market.


FedGroup. Under the banner of sustainable ‘impact investment’, FedGroup is providing financing for Energyworx performance contracts that target energy efficiency (GHG emissions reductions). This forms part of the FedGroup’s crowdfunding sustainable investment platform, which offers investments in blueberry farms and beehive activities, with solar PV with energy efficiency in the pipeline.