Energyworx offers a comprehensive range of holistic energy management solutions that include the following:

Smart Metering

Smart meters are the backbone of any energy management plan provided by Energyworx. Smart meters collect and analyse energy consumption data, allowing relevant energy management and efficiency programs to be implemented.

Green Energy Trading

Access to South Africa’s growing Green Energy market is becoming less complicated and more attractive to companies aiming to reduce their carbon footprint. As an agent for PowerX, Energyworx facilitates the purchase of green energy through medium-term PPAs (Power Purchase Agreements).

Power Purchase Agreements

These are an innovative way for companies to access long term, renewable energy without having to commit any capital expenditure. Simply put, the client purchases the green power, rather than the system.

Energy Analysis

Energyworx produces comprehensive energy analysis for informed decision-making and energy management strategies. Reports are regularly transmitted back to the client, keeping them informed of their savings.

Equipment Retrofits

Energyworx identifies energy-saving opportunities which often indicate the need for equipment retrofit. Energyworx relies on tried and tested brands, providing the best available solutions to suit individual client requirements. Energyworx continues monitoring after installation, in order to prove the savings case.

Renewable Energy Solutions

Energyworx will analyse and identify opportunities for the installation of renewable energy. This can be on a project management basis, or through a power purchase agreement. Our relationship with preferred suppliers allows us to provide advanced solutions to our clients.

Financing Solutions

The energy market in South Africa is experiencing unprecedented growth. This has caught the attention of various financial institutions, who have made innovative financing solutions available to provide financial backing to the sector. Energyworx provides most of the analytics required to reduce the risk, providing confidence to the financial sector.