Turnkey Project: LED Lighting Upgrade (SUPERSPAR Acres)

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Turnkey Project: LED Lighting Upgrade (SUPERSPAR Acres)

SUPERSPAR Acres signed a Power Purchase Agreement with PowerX in July 2014 and have received an average of 1 000 000 kWh green power per annum. The client has also saved an average of R172 500 per annum. The Co2 offset since July 2014 is a total of 3 706 141 KgCo2.

kWh savings: 106 000 kWh per annum

Energy cost savings: R172 500 per annum

CO2 offset: 1 027 189 Kg/A per annum

Project Aims

The aim of this intervention was to improve lighting LUX levels in the store and to reduce the energy consumed by lighting.

Project Activities

Smart meter readings were taken to establish the baseline consumption before the intervention. These readings were then analysed to provide a consumption profile from which the lighting upgrade was planned.

Post installation, new LUX level readings were taken and smart meter readings collated. M&V was carried out on the before and after intervention readings and savings were determined.

Project Outcomes

The LED lighting upgrade achieved the following results:

  • 54% energy reduction
  • 74% average LUX improvement

The client was also presented with:

  • 5-year guarantee for the lights
  • Certificate of Compliance for the installation
  • Before and after LUX readings covering the entire store
  • Commissioning certificate